Our foster program focuses on well-mannered, friendly and mature cats that come to us by way of owners going into long-term care or for other reasons are unable to care for their beloved kitty. 

All cats coming into our program are evaluated to ensure they are  sociable, friendly and suitable to be adopted. Relinquishing owners are responsible for getting all needed vaccines, blood tests, teeth evaluation, etc. to assure us their cat is in good health. We also request a copy of their vet records.

Because these cats are mature, they are house-broken and just looking for a warm lap and a big heart to spend time with. Whether wanting to foster or adopt, there is very little that can give you the special joy of a furry friend to share your life with.

Right Now, we have an urgent need for more foster families.  Currently, we have only 3 active foster homes. All of them are occupied, if we receive any new requests, we would have no place to care for them as they await their forever home. 

Can you possibly open your heart and home to volunteer as a Laguna Woods Cat Club Foster today?  We will supply all food, litter/litter box, and any other supplies you might need. 

Anyone interested in fostering a cat should email:

Terri Olsen -


Please download these three documents needed to become a Foster. Thanks so much - if you need help, please contact us.

Foster Liability Waiver (pdf)


LWCC Foster Questionnaire Agreement (pdf)


Guidelines for Fostering (pdf)



 Here is how one of our fosters feels about providing this important service to the Cat Club and this is their cat "Honey"
Elaine and Doug - Long-time Fosters
We love cats and wanted to help make sure they had as happy and long life as possible. Thus we became fosters. We have had an opportunity to foster many cats and have had lots of adventures.  One of the main things that we learned was that cats are like people in that they are all different.
We have loved our fostering experience because it has allowed us to be with so many kitties that we would never have met if we had not been offering a temporary home to them.  Their intelligence and innate abilities are something to behold!

The link below will take you to a video about our Fosters. It tells the story of why these care-giving residents allow us to have our adoption program. Without them we would not be able to re-home the kitties that need our help. These Fosters are truly angels on earth. They define love.   (JUST CLICK THE ARROW)



A tribute to the Laguna Woods Cat Club Fosters. Without their dedication to providing a temporary home for our cats that are up for adoption, we would not be able to find the permanent homes for these very special kitties.  Here you get to meet some of our dedicated fosters who will tell you why being a foster is so important to them.  This is about their personal experience in giving our cats the temporary loving home they need so much.  Enjoy!