Our Relinquishment Process


The most common reasons a cat is relinquished to us are death, illness, or a major upheaval in the human companion’s life. This time can be painfully difficult for the humans and very frightening and confusing for the cats. It requires compassion, but it also requires honesty. If a cat has been a loyal, lifelong companion, doesn’t it deserve to spend its last few years in the arms of the only people it has ever loved? Thus, we urge those who are considering giving up a senior cat, over 14 years old, to try hard to find a way to keep that loyal soul in the family. However, sometimes there is no other choice, and that is when a reliable rescue, such as ours, can assist you.

Relinquishment Process

1. Contact Us

Call the Directors of Relinquishments

Mary Whipple - (949) 885-6801 -or email - katlady7@comline.com

2. Arrange for us to visit

Arrange for a visitation to determine if the cat is adoptable on the basis of age, health, and temperament. (Photographs may be taken at this time.)   

3. Complete a Relinquishment Form - (see PDF Form below)

Fill out the Relinquishment Questionnaire/Medical History Consent Form. It requires you to choose an arrangement: 

a) the cat stays with you until it is adopted, or 

b) the cat requires placement with a foster (if available). 

(The form is a PDF file, downloadable to print...see below. By opening this file in Adobe Reader, you should be able to fill out on-line ) 

Please return to Mary or Terri as soon as possible.

4. Provide Medical Records

Provide any available medical information. You must provide evidence that the cat has had a recent medical exam, blood test, and is up to date on all necessary shots and other tests. If not, you must cover the cost for this to be done.

If the cat is accepted into our program, we will advertise it through pictures, videos, and descriptions on our own website and any sites currently available to us, as well as at our monthly Cat Club meetings.

*Please note that we are an adoption organization, not a permanent life-long boarding facility. We may provide temporary housing, if a foster is available, only until an adoption is complete.

*The Club would appreciate a minimum donation of $50.00.

Laguna Woods Cat Club Relinquishment Form