"If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve the man, but deteriorate the cat"
Mark Twain

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Adoptable Cats

Happy Tales!

One of our very delighted adopters recently put together a video, "Meeting Missy", highlighting her adored kitty and the joy she brings to her life. It won her first place in a slide show competition. We are pleased to be able to share it on our website.

Cat Club Foster Program

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Please Donate: If you are unable to foster but would like to help, please consider making a donation, click here for more information.

More foster families are always needed. You will receive a small monthly payment for food and litter. Supplies such as litter boxes, dishes, beds, etc can be furnished if needed

Anyone interested in adopting or fostering a cat should call Nancy at 949 951-2760 for more information.

We are currently looking for donations of the following:
  • Food, both wet and dry
  • Litter, preferably scoopable
  • Money to help cover the cost of adoption, supplies and veterinary care when needed.

Our foster program focuses on well-mannered, friendly and mature cats that come to us by way of owners going into long-term care or from animal shelters such as the OC animal shelter located in the city of Orange.

All of the cats coming into the program are evaluated to ensure they are sociable and friendly and suitable to be adopted. They are given all needed vaccines, tested for various diseases and given a microchip, flea treatment and clean bill of health.

Because these cats are mature, they are house-broken and just looking for a warm lap and a big heart to spend time with.